The Heart of the Parent

The Heart of the Parent

What does it mean to be a parent? What does God desire from the parent? How do I know I'm parenting right, or best, or even to the best of my ability?

It's easy to turn to parenting strategies, books or articles and plenty of other resources, but the single biggest indicator of the health of your parenting will never be the implementation of a strategy or system; it will always be the orientation of your heart.

Where is your heart? What is it pointing toward? What characteristics define your heart's attitude, what feeds your passions and what controls your emotions and your responses? All of the answers to these questions help identify your heart as a parent.

I'm excited to learn more!

Starting Monday, January 2nd I'll be posting weekly on the Heart of the Parent, looking at different characteristics, defined by Scripture and by studies, of a healthy parental heart. I'm going to post in a way that's devotional in nature, which means I'll include a description of the heart attitude or position, but also a prayer, questions and extended Scriptural reading to help focus and grow these God-honoring characteristics in readers. I'll personally be using these resources throughout the week for my own devotion - I'd love for you to join me!

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Thanks for joining me as we explore the heart of the parent.

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