Links — Week of December 31st

Links — Week of December 31st

Christmas week! New Years! Celebration - joy - new beginnings! Annnddd... some of the same old stuff, too. Following are some of the links, articles and clips I found interesting this week.

Joseph of Nazareth vs Planned Parenthood

Russel Moore is convicting, challenging and powerful in his consideration of Joseph's legal rights and his godly choice to not exercise them. "It is here that Joseph is perhaps a model for a new generation of Christians. In a culture captivated by the spirit of Herod, could it be that God is calling our churches to follow the example of Joseph?"

How do we respond?

In Praise of Ignorance

In an era when it's best to be thought of as knowing the most, thinking the best and being the best, Simon Cullen nails the value of admitting you don't know everything.

Do We Give Food Too Much Glory?

Kelly Needham continues her excellent series - "Food & the Bible" by asking whether we give food too much glory. I enjoyed her take on glory - "I glorify my problems when I speak of them so frequently that they become my primary focus." And her application to food was spot on and challenging. We can treat food in the same way we abuse cigarettes, alcohol or many other things.

Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace

This video has been getting quite a few shares around the way, and I don't agree with all of it by any means. I think Millennials, as a whole, are one of the most over-generalized generations. But, Sinek does a great job adding application points at the end of this. It's great to list to process through and wrestle with.

15 Things You're Avoiding By Reading This Article

Warning: this article is mostly dumb. But that doesn't mean it's wrong or not in some minor way provoking. That said, it is an article with headers followed by GIFS. Take that as you will.

My Favorite Bible-Reading Plan for 2017

I have a ton of respect for Tim Challies and his work. He recommends a 5 day-a-week reading plan running through the whole of Scripture. I love 5 a day plans because of their accessibility, and I love familiarity plans, as Challies refers to them, for the desire to cover all of Scripture. There are other great plans referenced as well. My only caveat might be that if reading Scripture is something you haven't done before, an NT-only plan for 2017 might be a great place to start. Here's a 5x5x5 Reading Plan that accomplishes just that.


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