Finding the Wonder of Christmas for Our Kids

Finding the Wonder of Christmas for Our Kids

Christmas is an incredible season when we remember one of the most miraculous events of human existence - God became man. Thousands of years ago an act so scandalous, so remarkable and so nearly-unbelievable took place and forever changed history. But to many of us who grew up in the church, the incarnation is so "old hat" and ordinary that we have a hard time being caught up in the wonder of it all.

How can we help ourselves and our kids from missing the wonder in the incarnation? Here are some questions to consider talking about and wrestling with during Christmastime this year:

Wait, I thought Jesus was God? How can God be born?

Why in the world would God put himself in a situation where he needed a young lady - one of his creations - to clean his diapers?

We sing "Silent Night." But do you think the night was really all that silent with a brand new baby?

God knows everything, right? So Jesus knew exactly what it was like to be human. Then why did he decide to become a baby?

What did Jesus need to give up in order to become human?

God choose to have a mom?!??

What does it mean that Jesus is Emmanuel - "God Among Us?"

God created Adam as a full grown man - why didn't Jesus just come to earth a full grown man?

We hear lots of stories of kids born into hard situations who grow up to amazing lives of success. Why would God leave an 'amazing life of success' to grow up as a kid in a hard situation?

It's the most amazing time of the year! It's magnificent. It is scandalous. And it should be wonderful.

Let's not lose the wonder!

Merry Christmas!

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