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Links — Week of January 7th

Links — Week of January 7th

Death, The New Year And The Hope of Christ

2016 was a bru­tal year, espe­cial­ly for many who saw celebri­ties and cul­tur­al icons whom they idol­ized die. In the mid­st of a year of seem­ing tragedy, what hope does Christ offer? Quite a lot, in fact.

From Matt Fore­man: “So what is the bib­li­cal lesson and answer in the face of a trag­ic real­i­ty? Can Chris­tian­i­ty offer any hope in the New Year in the face of death? To the sur­prise of many, the Chris­tian answer does not sug­ar-coat real­i­ty. The Chris­tian Gospel has always been set in the mid­st of tragedy–from the cradle to the cross.”

Am I Supposed to Treasure God’s Commands or Just Do Them? 

What does God look for from us — mere obe­di­ence or excit­ed part­ner­ship? The lat­ter. The sto­ry of Jon­ah helps show this.

God isn’t after moral­is­tic and mere­ly obe­di­ent people—he isn’t about cre­at­ing old­er brothers—he wants prodi­gal son type of wor­ship. Slay the fat­tened calf. Cel­e­brate. Par­ty at the won­der of redemp­tion.”

John MacArthur’s Ten Crucial Lessons We Must Teach our Children

John MacArthur has a new book out, “Brave Dad,” and this arti­cle sum­ma­rizes 10 essen­tial lessons MacArthur thinks we need to be pass­ing on to our chil­dren. An applic­a­ble and sim­ple read for dads and moms.

What I Know About the Guest Experience from Church Hunting

Sara Bouma spent 6 weeks look­ing for a new church with her fam­i­ly and expe­ri­enc­ing dif­fer­ent church’s guest rela­tions. She has a num­ber of take­aways, such as, “Fol­lowup, park­ing, sig­nage mat­ters.” And more con­tro­ver­sial­ly for dur­ing ser­vice, per­haps, “Your peo­ple can chat with their friends before and after ser­vice.”

In oth­er words — ditch the in-ser­vice greet­ing time.